Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Touchdown Bangkok

Finally, the time for Bangkok with the girlfriends and the boyfriend has arrived! This was six months in the making.

We landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport (pronounced as Suwanapum) past 1am. Note that Bangkok is an hour behind Manila. Suvarnabhumi is overwhelming, really one of the busiest hubs as travelers come and go. Immigration was swift and within a matter of an hour, we got our luggage, exchanged our peso to baht, and wandered around while waiting for our hotel transfers.

We stayed at My Hotel in Pratunam area – stylish and cozy hotel within the shopping district. The rooms are really clean and comfy with crisp white sheets, LCD flat screen TV, built- in cabinets, and a spotless bathroom. It was home away from home.

*Reliving my Bangkok memories while waiting for the clock to strike 6:00. To be continued...

Friday, April 8, 2011

my greatest fear.

I wanna confess something. This may surprise you.

I am afraid of flying. Yep, you read it right. I get nervous when I fly. I have traveled  a lot and never seem  to run out of trips but I get jitters when I am sitting on the plane and the pilot says “Please fasten your seatbelts as we are experiencing turbulence”. And when I hear the plane engine goes silent, I wonder if it was shut off or it was a standard procedure.

Last weekend, we watched a two-episode documentary, 10 Plane Crashes that Changed Flying. Erick warned me not to watch it because he knew that I’d get more nervous everytime I have to ride a plane. What the heck, I watched anyway and it got me thinking about my experiences when I was a thousand meters above the ground.

As far as I can remember, I used to enjoy riding the plane. I find pleasure in going to the airport, checking in, waiting in long queues, and staying in the lounge for my flight’s departure. So what happened? I don’t exactly know. Maybe I was afraid to fly ever since but just shrugged it off  because most of my flights were smooth.

I can recall my ZestAir flight from Manila to Kalibo. The Manila weather was fair and there were rainshowers in some areas. I prepped myself that I will be riding a small plane –  a 32-seater turboprop. But throughout the flight, we experienced frequent turbulences causing the plane to shake. Our plane was being pulled up and down. I got so nervous that I’m near to screaming. I distracted myself by plucking my eyebrows. Silly of me. So when we finally landed in Kalibo safe and sound, I can just say Hello Bora and bye-bye brows. I’ve overplucked my eyebrows.

Our flight to Batanes came as a surprise and I really didn’t expect that the whole plane ride would be smooth. The fact that it was delayed due to weather conditions was a giveaway for me to know that it’s not gonna be a happy flight. Thanks Seair for making it a memorable flight! One of the best flights ever considering we rode a relatively small plane with 30 or less seats.

Our flight from Cagayan de Oro to Manila was another story. Imagine passing though really dark clouds and a lightning that can struck your plane! Ayayay. But I was a good pretender back then, I just laughed it off as if I was riding a roller coaster.

And my worst flight to date was my Bangkok trip last October 2010. It was my birthday trip with Erick and girl friends Tata and Abby. I hate evening flights because I get bored easily but we had no choice since it was the only flight available from Cebu Pacific. As we entered the plane, we overheard the pilot asking the cabin crew if someone he texted replied to his message about the weather in Manila. We knew that when we left Manila four days ago, there was a typhoon coming.

It was a 3-hr flight adding the 1-hr time difference between BKK and MNL. As we we’re nearing Manila, the flight became really turbulent. Our plane was being pounded causing the plane to jerk. It didn’t help that Erick was sleeping soundly and I didn’t want to wake him up. I just closed my eyes and prayed (hehe). I told myself that this too shall pass.  I don’t know if I was over-reacting or what because one passenger was snoring loudly during the entire time I was afraid for my life..lol. I envied the guy, he had no idea what was going on.  My fear only subsided when the pilot announced that we are descending and will be landing shortly. After a few minutes, the pilot announced as the plane simultaneously ascended that we cannot land just yet. He sounded a bit in a panic. WHAAAAAT? More torture for meee… So we circled up in the sky which seemed endless. This time, I couldn’t hide my fear and I nearly broke to tears. In the end, we were able to land in NAIA 3 safe although it was rough one.

A week after this dreadful experience, I experienced another terrible flight. Erick and I went back to Manila after attending fiesta in my hometown in Legazpi. It was rainy that day and there I was again being paranoid and all. During mid-flight aboard Airphil Express, the pilot announced in the PA system “Manual” as we felt like our plane bumped into a very big cloud. What was “manual” supposed to mean? Manual as in we’re going down or manual as in the plane is not in auto-pilot? Whatever that was, it was another scary moment for me. After passing through the very big cloud, our plane was now flying in a clear blue sky. Whew, what a relief!

When I think of these awful experiences, I wasn’t sure if I can still survive a turbulent flight or I will survive but I would go crazy and wet my pants. Six months after, I was fine during our Bohol trip. Sometimes, I think my fear is caused by my vivid imagination. Blame me I can really imagine things to be horrific if I want to.

If there’s a song that would describe what I feel during a flight. It’d be Jack Johnson’s Go On.

I get nervous when I fly
I'm used to walking with my feet
Turbulence is like a sigh
That I can't help but over think

If Jack Johnson would sing for me throughout the entire plane ride, I would totally forgot I was scared. Or maybe drinking a couple shots of tequila before the flight would help.

How about you? Do you get nervous when you fly?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A year ago

On our first trip together in San Juan La Union

After 365 days or so, here we are <3

Beaching in Bohol
Happy anniversary my love! Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Despite the uncertainties in this world, I am happy that we remain constantly more in love <3

Because it was a special day for both us, we indulged ourselves by going to The Spa for a relaxing massage. It was very timely since we just ran 10k at the Hyundai race the day before. My aromatherapy massage was very soothing; it pampered my aching muscles. I bet Erick’s Swedish massage was very good as well as he was silent or maybe sleeping during our one-hour massage.

We love seafood so we decided to try Red Crab’s dinner buffet. It was very satisfying as we feasted on chili crabs. Very satisfying… that we suffered from stomach ache after due to overeating =(

Dinner at Red Crab
I got beautiful and sweet-smelling roses from Erick. Thanks my love! especially for the letter. <3

Flowers for the lady love

May we have more travels and adventures together… Bora is next!

Hyundai Run for a Cause

I officially love running!

Last Saturday, Erick and I joined a run sponsored by Hyundai. What’s so unique about this run? It’s free! We didn’t spend a single centavo for the registration fee and we got free race packs – singlet, race bib, timing chip, tote bag.

All set for the run
Since it was free, we weren’t expecting much for this running event. But we were surprised that it was very organized. It was very convenient for all the runners who joined. The event started on time. There were enough baggage counters and the portalets were strategically located. There were marshals all throughout the run (every 1 meter I should say!) and a number of ambulances on stand by and. A free bottled water was given during the race instead of plastic cups which was good. And yeah, there was a even a car show with Hyundai's latest car models.

At Quirino Grandstand

Come y'all runners

Free H2O from Hyundai
Another great thing about this run is the division or runners according to waves (groups). Each wave started with 10 minutes time difference in between. It provided ample space for every runner.

This was my first 10k run and thank you Hyundai for making it a very good one! I finished  the race in 1:24:15 seconds  and Erick was way ahead of me at 01:03:36 seconds.

Runner 04606
10k with Hyundai
Looking forward to the next Hyundai free run!