Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The case of a compromised credit card

Yesterday, I bought a luggage for my upcoming trip next week.  I bought a World Traveller burgundy luggage with 25kilos capacity.  It was a good deal at 50% off considering the brand and size. I decided that I was just gonna use my BPI credit card. When the cashier swiped my card, she got an error saying ‘call voice center’.  I got confused since I already paid my outstanding balance before due date which was last Friday. I asked the cashier to try it again but it still was giving the same error. This irked me because I didn’t want shell out cash but had no choice since I was at the counter already. So in short, I bought my luggage in cash.

When I reached home, I immediately called BPI to inquire what could be possibly be the issue. I already paid my outstanding dues so I could not understand why my card has been declined that night and also last Saturday when I tried to use it. They checked my records and inquired when was the last time I used my card. I told them it was probably first week of March when I bought an item from one the deal sites. I tried to use it after but it got declined when I booked a flight from Cebu Pacific for my sister. I thought the card was just maxed out since I share the same credit line with my dad.

Upon further investigation, the BPI phonebanker informed me that there appeared to be transactions using my card from Apple app store. There were two transactions on March 9 amounting to USD 144 and another one on March 11 amounting to USD 10. This freaked me out since I don’t remember downloading something from Apple and I don’t even have an Iphone or any Apple gadget. I am not gonna pay for that! 

The agent suggested that I should file a dispute on the items purchased using my credit card. He called another department to verify something. When he got back to me, he informed me that the transactions made under my card did not push through and BPI have permanently blocked my card so that it would not be further misused for transactions. Wheeeeeew! What a relief! But I'd appreciate if they could have informed me that they’ve blocked my card instead of me calling them to know the situation. I tell you, it’s really embarrassing to stand in the cashier only to be told that your card has been declined,  with a long line of customers behind you. I wanted to disappear in embarrassment.

Lesson learned: Use your credit card with extra caution. Like most of you probably, I use my card with ease in online transactions. It saves me time and it's faster. I never thought that I would be victimized by fraudulent use of credit card. Anyways, I was informed that BPI will process the replacement of my credit card within 1 banking day and the delivery would take about 3 days. I just hope to get my new credit card soon because I will be out of the country next week and will definitely need it.

Here are a few useful tips from BBC Web-wise to keep your credit card safe and sound.

Stay safe!


  1. i agree, it's embarassing if your card didn't work, i experienced it few times. =) but good thing that BPI blocked your card, sobrang takot ko sa fraud kaya ayaw ko na malaki credit limit.

  2. that's true sis! it was super hassle on my part. i just hope this won't happen again.

  3. Thank you for sharing this!

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  4. Thanks a lot of sharing this information. This can help a lot.

  5. hi streetsmart. how did you file the dispute? i'm on the same situation right now

  6. Did BPI charge you for card replacement?