Friday, April 16, 2010

Singapore: Street Shopping in Bugis

Business as usual. Busy Bugis.
Photo taken from Bugis Street

Something I really miss now is shopping! I told myself I won’t shop until August to save up for my shopping money in Bangkok. I love street shopping and the best so far that I’ve had was in Bugis Street in Singapore. After all, it’s my favorite street shopping destination in Singapore :)

Sunday morning crowd in Bugis.

Bugis is a shopping haven for bargain hunters, knowing that Singapore is an expensive place to shop except of course for gadgets. You will find almost everything..latest fashion, trendy clothes and streetwear, shoes, wallets, accessories, souvenir items, and local delicacies. The cheapest that you can get an item is at SGD 10..that’s almost P300 for shirts, bags, and accessories. It's a good buy since items in Bugis are not found in our local tiangge like DV or Greenhills.

You will find almost everything. From clothes to food and yeah even that!

Bugis is very accessible via train. Take the SMRT green line and alight Bugis station. Cross the street and you will find the largest street shopping location in Singapore. Some shops here are run by young designers who might be the next big thing in Singapore fashion industry. And oh the Sim Lim Square - the largest electronics and IT center in Singapore is just a few blocks away for more gadget shopping..Cool lah? Shop till you drop!

How to get here


By Bus
SBS Transit : 7, 12, 63, 80, 175, 197
SMRT Buses : 190, 61, 851, 960, 980, NR7

By Train
Hop onto the nearest SMRT train station and alight at Bugis Station.

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