Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Organic Whitening Body Scrub & Massage at Mont Albo Massage Hut

I promised my bff Yana that I would treat her to a massage before she flies back to Dubai. Since both of us came from a beach trip and we're probably a shade darker than our natural skin color, we thought that it'd be nice if we treat ourselves to a body scrub and massage.

I looked for spas in Makati and found Mont Albo Massage Hut in Parksquare just in front of Dusit Thani Hotel. I browsed their website and immediately became interested with their spa menu. I called for reservation on the day of our planned spa bonding. 

Sorry, I didn't take any photos since I don't think it's appropriate plus the lighting was very poor. A spa is a private place where one can relax and enjoy the massage. I don't wanna bother myself to take pictures. Anyways, let me share our experience :D

Yana and I both availed their Organic Whitening Scrub with 1 hr massage for Php 750. The body scrub + massage lasted for 1 1/2 hours. The organic whitening scrub is composed of three natural substances, extracted from plant components, which have been proven to inhibit the production of melanin. Their organic whitening scrub is a better and healthier substitute than synthetic whitening chemicals. 

We bought some add ons like disposable underwear for Php 30 and additional massage oil at Php 50. 


Here are some things I want to rave about our body scrub  + massage.  There are some things I didn't like though.

1. The body scrub + massage was definitely value for money. You will be treated for 30 minutes of scrub and then a  1-hr relaxing massage for Php750. Not bad!
2. Their location is very strategic to malls, offices, and other commercial establishments. You can easily go to Mont Albo to treat yourself to a massage after shopping or a long day at work.
3. I fell asleep during the 1-hr massage. My therapist was good at kneading with the right pressure at the most stressed parts of my body. After the massage, I felt like I've just waken up from a long slumber.  It was that relaxing!
4. Free hot tea and hot towel were provided.
5. They have a website which helped me decide which massage I will get. Calling to reserve a slot is also easy breezy.

1. No privacy. Massage beds are only divided by curtains. You can hear other customers' or therapists' voices.
2. Massage therapists keep on gossiping with each other and can be heard while we were getting our massage. Their voices are even louder than the instrumental music being played. I hope they will act more professional. Our therapists had to tell them to keep their voices down because there are clients.
3. No comfort room and only one shower area where you can rinse after the body scrub. I had to wait for my turn to use the shower room.
4. Old towels.
5. I'm not sure if it's the scrub or the sheets but it felt itchy on my skin while I was being soaked in the scrub.
6. Small reception area. It really is massage and go.

My verdict
I will go back for if I want a massage that won't burn a hole in my pocket. Their massages range from Php 80 for the express Massage (15  minutes) to Php 350 for their one-hour massages. A decent body scrub costs around Php 750 +.

Mont Albo Massage Hut is one example that a good massage doesn't need to be expensive.

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