Thursday, August 25, 2011

Long weekend plans

Finally, the much awaited four-day long weekend is coming. Since the Aquino administration, holidays are few to count so I think for everyone this long weekend is a big deal.

I plan to spend the weekend holiday within the metro. I’ve been really lessening my trips to save up., But have I really saved up? Haha well, that’s another story.

So anyways, I’ve been thinking what to do this long weekend aside from our planned day tour at Thunderbird Rizal.

Here are the some of things I've thought to keep me busy during the four-day weekend:

·         Do a spring cleaning of my room or better yet our whole condo. My room is not really in topsy-turvy since it’s being cleaned everyday. But I think I should sort my clothes and bags – to keep or donate. I wanna re-organize my drawer since it’s full of stash like documents, flyers, bill statements, and receipts..

·         Try a new recipe or make a really yummy dessert. Checking “10 Surprisingly Easy Dessert” from makes me want to cook something that would give me a toothache. hehe I’m a dessert person as you know.

No-bake turtle pie ice cream..sweeeet
·         ‘Pamper-me’ day at the salon. Need to have a haircut + hot oil, eyebrows trim, mani/pedi, footspa, and yeah I was thinking of trying out the spa at the ground floor of our condo. Massage for Php199. Why not?

Me want a footspa and foot massage

·         Movie+ dinner with Erick. I want to watch Final Destination 5 in theater. I was bugging Erick to watch this movie since I learned it will be shown in Manila, I'm gonna treat him to movie + dinner because he was a very good boyfriend for waiting for me while I was doing overtime work last week.

·         Just tonight, my dad called to confirm that he will be arriving on Monday next week after almost  11 months abroad. El Capitan will be home! He’s set to spend his Christmas here which is a very rare event in our family since he’s always on the ship when the holiday season comes. We have a lot of catching up to do J And yes, I hope we can go to Duty Free Philippines for pasalubong shopping. I am seriously eyeing on another Longchamp Le Pliage bag. I know i new curry medium long handle is only a week-old. Lol

·         And yes, we’re set to have our day tour at Thunderbird Rizal. Thanks to my sister for the complimentary day tour tickets in exchange for something. Thanks sis! I'm looking forward to some R&R at Thunderbird. 

Thunderbird Resort Rizal

Infinity pool overlooking the mountains

Sounds like a very busy weekend for me. Less than 48 hours to go until weekend and I’m free. And we’re all finally free. How about you? What are your plans for the long weekend?

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