Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Club Elite Membership at Duty Free Philippines

So finally, my dad arrived from Incheon late Monday night, where he had his connecting flight from China. As the usual thing we do whenever he gets home from abroad, we trooped to Duty Free Philippines (DFP) the next day. Yay! This is something we look forward to every time my dad comes home well of course just second to the fact that he’s finally here!

We bought the usual stuff for pasalubong like chocolates, cookies, and chips. My dad bought a Samsonite luggage with 25 kilos capacity for the price of USD 190. He also got a Nike cross trainer rubbers shoes at USD 81. My mom bought her first Longchamp bag. She got the Le Pliage medium short handle in mandarin color. It was only USD 115 which was cheaper than buying it at Rustan’s or ordering online. I’m happy for her because I can borrow her bag. Lol. And my sister scored a Crocs wedges at USD 66. My mom and sisters also bought perfumes which totaled to USD 145. And me? I didn’t buy anything at all.. hehe

But I got the Club Elite Membership! In order to qualify for the membership, you must have an accumulated purchase of more than USD 500. Adding up all the things we bought at DFP, it amounted to almost USD 700 so we were instantly qualified. The card is valid for 2 years,

Look for the wrong spelling.. hehe well seriously there is :)

What are the privileges of the Club Elite membership?

As a Club Elite Member, you are entitled to discounts, perks, promos at Fashion Walk & Beauty Walk at the Duty Free Fiesta Mall, Cebu Waterfront Hotel, and NAIA Terminals 1,2, and 3.

You can get a 10% discount on all regular items at Fashion Walk & Beauty Walk.  Also, you can avail 5%-10% discounts on liquors and cigarettes, and supermarket items.

Aside from the discounts, members may avail of other perks and privileges such as:
*VIP assistance
*Use of VIP lounge
*Free delivery of bulky items worth US$500 and above (within Metro Manila) subject to Bureau of Customs approval
*Priority notice on special promotions and new products
*Invitations to special events

Woot woot! They gave me a list of the shops where the Club Elite card is honored and I can’t help but grin. Here are just some. 

Aside from the fact that shopping at DFP is tax-free, I can also avail the 10% discount using my Club Elite card. They also have Friday Specials where they offer 20% discount on regular items.

Can’t wait to schedule our first shopping trip!

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