Friday, October 21, 2011

A Piece of Santorini in the North (Part 2)

Good morning! It was  a lovely morning at Thunderbird and I was awakened with a bad headache and feeling of parchness. I threw up all I’ve eaten a night before and my growling stomach woke me up.

Breakfast was served at the Olives Restaurant. We hit the breakfast table at 730 am. There was enough selection but not too many including soup, breads, chicken and pork viands, and some deli.But generally, we enjoyed what’s on the buffet breakfast table..

I love their breakfast food and enjoyed it more than the dinner we had. We enjoyed it so much that we left the breakfast table around 9:30am :D

With less than three hours to go before check out, we rushed to see the beach. Yes, we haven’t gone to the beach actually.

Good thing that despite the really hot weather that day, we dragged ourselves to see the beach. I fell in love with this.

The beach is rocky and is not really conducive for swimming. But lo and behold, the beach is charming and everything is picturesque. 

There are almost many small details that added charm to this place like the gazebo facing the beach. I think this is where Thunderbird weddings are mostly held. Ho-hum. 

The white painted stairs with square-shaped opening was one the small features which added the Santorini touch to the whole place.

We peeked in one of the two villas and I wish I could stay here one day with my family and closest friends. There’s a place where you can have barbecue parties and watch the sunset. Ahhhh, I want this life!

Plus there was  pool. I’m beginning to feel an attachment to this side of Poro Point already.

We still have more than an hour to spare and so we headed back to the hotel building. We took a quick dip in the pool and savored our last moments in this Santorini-esque paradise.

We checked out past 12pm and we're off to our next destination..

I was simply happy that I got to experience a liitle piece of Santorini in the North. It’d be no wonder if I come back! 

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