Friday, May 20, 2011

Groupons galore

Groupon (group coupon) craze finally hits Manila! And it wasn’t that long until I found myself checking groupon sites every single day at work haha. I bet you do too!

Group buying, as you probably know, is also called as collective buying where goods and services are sold at discounted prices such that a number of buyers would make the purchase.

So far, they are doing me good by letting me save some bucks on my purchases. Here are my buys lately.

1. Our first groupon buy is from Pakyaw. Remember our Corregidor day tour? Yes, we got that deal through group buying. It wasn’t bad at all, Php 998/person for a day tour which consisted of Manila-Corregidor transfers, buffet lunch, and a guided tour. It’s original price was Php 2150/person.

2. Freska set meal for two from Ensogo. Perfect for usual weekday dinner dates with Erick. Remind me to contact customer service because I still can’t print my vouchers.

3. Waxing services at Lay Bare Waxing Salon from Buyanihan which I will be using in lieu of my upcoming Bora trip =D

4. Lunch or dinner buffet at Manila Pavilion from Ensogo. Yum yum , I can’t wait to raid the dessert table with my favorite chocolate donut. Heaven!

5. Food and drinks at Cheesecake Etc from MetroDeal. Got sweet-tooth? I do! I’m excited to use this one.

I almost bought the Bellaroca 3D/2N stay sold at Deal Grocer. Whew, good thing I didn’t because it was still expensive. If there was one coupon I regretted not buying, it would be the concert tickets for the Switchfoot concert from Beeconomic. Boo.

At the moment, these are my groupon buys. If I would let impulsiveness rule over me, I probably would have brought more and save nothing. There were lots of deals I’ve let passed but with new and more exciting deals coming more each day, I’m not sure if I could say no to groupon buying.

How about you? What’s your best groupon deal by far?